Federal Work-Study Procedures

Congratulations! You have been awarded Federal Work-Study. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a need-based program which provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible students to help meet the costs of post-secondary education. As an eligible student you have been awarded an allotment which may be earned through employment in FWS approved positions either on or off campus.

It is important to remember that your Federal Work-Study earnings are not deductible from your George Mason University tuition bill.

Getting Started:

1) Students may begin to apply for positions starting now.

2) Federal Work-Study positions are located on HireMason, Mason’s online job and internship database. To log in please visit https://gmu-csm.symplicity.com/ and select Student/Alumni; you will use your Patriot Pass credentials to log in. If you are unable to log into HireMason, please contact University Career Services (UCS) at 703-993-2370. Please be prepared to provide your G# and Mason email address.

3) * First time students logging into HireMason – Your resume must be approved by UCS and you must also complete your HireMason profile before you are able to apply for positions. To get started you must upload a resume and Job Availability form to the Documents tab. Once submitted, it can take up to three business days for your resume to be approved.

*Returning students to HireMason– You do not have to be reapproved, any updates to your resume or additional resumes will be automatically approved.

Click here for more information on how to create a resume, along with resume templates for your convenience. http://careers.gmu.edu/students/documents/

Job Availability Form:


4) Once you have completed your HireMason profile, you can being to search for available FWS positions, the FWS link is located on the lower right hand side of HireMason.

5) You can read through various positions by clicking on the position title, requirements to apply for the position are on the right-hand side. There is no limit to how many positions you can apply to, the more you apply to the higher your odds of being hired.

6) Once you have applied it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks from the job closing date for a response from the supervisor. If contacted by the prospective employer, follow procedures instructed by them in order to interview for the position in which you are interested in. Please note that employers have different policies on following up with applicants. It is your responsibility to contact the employer with questions regarding your application status.

What’s next?

1) Read the Student Employment Guide for important information regarding FWS not covered in this email, including the terms and conditions.
2) If you obtain a FWS position, you and your supervisor are required to complete a current Student Employment Verification Form. These forms are available at the Office of Student Financial Aid’s front desk. It is your responsibility to return this form to the Office of Student Financial Aid before your first day of work.
3) All other hiring paperwork will be completed with your supervisor.

Payment Procedure:

1) Student employees are paid every two weeks by direct deposit through their employer.
2) You and your supervisor are responsible for keeping track of your timesheets, hours worked and earnings. You are not to exceed the total amount of your FWS award.
3) If you are attending fall and spring semesters, the aid that you have been awarded will be divided evenly between both semesters.

Obtaining a FWS position is a competitive process so an early start is essential to success. You can start interviewing prior to the first day of classes. Keep in mind that being awarded FWS does not guarantee a position.

We look forward to providing you with a positive and enriching work experience. If you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Financial Aid at (703) 993-2353 or by emailing the Federal Work-Study Coordinator at, lramirez@gmu.edu, with your name and G#.