FWS Information for First-time Applicants

August 2011

If you have been offered Federal Work-Study (FWS) funding for the 2011-2012 academic year. To assist you in utilizing the benefits of the program, we have scheduled the following job placement workshops for your convenience to explore employment opportunities on and off campus. All workshops will be located in SUB 1, Lower Level, Enrollment Services Desk.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
9 AM-4 PM
9 AM-4 PM

**Most students take 15-30 minutes to review job openings. An appointment is not needed to attend a workshop, just walk in.

Guidelines for Participation

  1. During the workshops, students will be given the opportunity to review the job list on the website for employment opportunities. The student may write down as many positions that interest him/her for future exploration.
  2. During the workshop, the Federal Work-Study Coordinator will complete a “Student Employment Verification Form” listing the eligible student’s name, student ID number, and award amount. The student will then be asked to read and sign the reverse side outlining his/her responsibilities while participating in the program.
  3. The student is responsible for making the initial contact and setting up the interview with the university department (on-campus employment) or off-campus employer. The student may interview with as many employers as desired until employment is obtained.

Cancellation of the Federal Work-Study Award

All eligible FWS students who have not obtained employment by October 7, 2011 will have their award cancelled. Those who wish to remain in the program after October 7, 2011 may do so by contacting their Counselor by calling 703-993-2353.